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null From Acrobat to Photoshop, Cold Fusion to Studio 8, Adobe is the industry standard for design software.
an easy to use professional image management tool. It provides a workflow solution for importing, organizing, converting, and sharing images. Retail $25
Director's NotebookDirectors NoteBook Directors NoteBook software is a digital "project notebook" for television commercial directors that organizes all the information you need access to during pre-production, production, and post. It's like having a production assistant at your beck and call 24 hours a day to help you manage your projects and save time. $169 Retail.
PixiMationPixiMation Using PixiMation, you'll be able to create interactive 3-D movies of your products, collectibles, artwork, etc. for inclusion on webpages, CD-ROM or multimedia applications. Rotate, pan, zoom, and create linked hotspots on your objects, making them ideal for interactive training manuals, advertising, archiving, entertaining and E-Commerce. Retail $99.95
LightWorksLightWorks is a comprehensive suite of products, each focusing on a specific area of rendering functionality. For example, the advanced lighting segment provides physically accurate lighting and effects for advanced visual quality and realism. The sunlight parameters allow positioning using latitude, longitude and time-of-day for accurate shadow studies, plus physically accurate rendering of sky hemispheres.
QuarkXPressQuarkXPress is the industry-leading design and page layout software. An intuitive user interface and powerful design tools enable you to combine superior typography with color and graphics to produce dynamic content for both print and Web delivery. Publishers worldwide trust QuarkXPress® to help them achieve higher levels of productivity and deliver real results, every time.
Toon BoomStoryboard Toon Boom Storyboard is the leading storyboarding system for visual storytelling, perfectly suited to traditional and paperless methods. Truly completing the production pipeline, Storyboard helps you take an idea and translate it into a visual story that will become a complete production, whether animated or live-action.
Toon BoomPrint Explosion offers Mac users the fastest, easiest way to create spectacular custom print projects‹from store-quality greeting cards and photorealistic scrapbooks to certificates and photo cards. With more than 13,000 readymade designs, and complete integration with iTunes and iPhoto, you¹re sure to find the perfect design for virtually any occasion. Retail $49.95
Toon BoomMaxwell Render is a new render engine based on the physics of real light. Its algorithms and equations reproduce the behavior of light in a completely accurate way. All of the elements in Maxwell, such as light emitters, material shaders, cameras etc., are entirely based on physically accurate models. Retail $995